"What is art ? whereby the forms become styles."
André Malraux
Ode, Artist - painter Strasbourg, France
"Creative evolution is a vital force, presentiment of my instinct. This brush liberty is also freedom of my mind ..."
Some exhibitions
Next exhibition in Paris 
Opening Friday, June 7, 2013 from 19h to 22h (on invitation, contact me)

Regional Council Strasbourg, France

Exhibition "Sarajevo", France

Exhibition Council of Europe, France

National exhibition  Gallery, Kaboul

International forum of Arts, France

Consulate of Maroc

Gallery Belfort, France

Exhibition Teignmouth, England

Exhibition Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Meeting franco-italian

Exhibition Rhine Palace, France - Germany

Palace of Congress, Vittel

Mondial Center of Peace, Verdun

Gallery Poirel, France

Exhibition TAAG, England etc.

Made with acrylic, my works are realised thanks to
 several instruments particularly pens and tips. This is a meticulous work, forms and colors arise!  
This notion is defined such as the transition from one form to another, the agreement between parts of a whole. This chromatic and geometric world  evokes a composition which invites the viewer.

Eye rests, is questionned, doubt settles in the strength of certainty : What we see is that it is given us to see ? 

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