"What is art ? whereby the forms become styles."
André Malraux
Ode, Artist - painter Strasbourg, France
"A delicate gift, a heart and artistic value..."
Legends of Orucy

A collaboration between you and us for a beautiful project according to tastes and colors.


Painting and the legend just for your child ! 
Orucy, pen of paintor and also from the author

It against "Magic Tree", gift of birthday Nathanael (4 ans ) offered by his dad.
« Magic Tree » 

In a very distant country, 
Reigned a king and his queen. 

Was born a princess of this beautiful union, 
Then a young prince. 
All four lived happily. 
One day when the little prince was greater 
His father said, "He will my son that you find the magic tree 
Only he knows your destiny " 
The princess whispered "You have a noble heart, pure 
And the force required for this "

Copyright @ 2012 Orucy, Ode Artist - painter